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To my Dayangs – Sebuah Apresiasi

Load more appreciation posts coming insyaAllah, let’s start with this one.All 10 of these girls mean so so so much to me, kita start dari kanan naa.

Ayshah – We both went to UiTM sama-sama, both did Diploma in Artistic Writing. Cumanya, lepas diploma, Esah got married to the love of her live, Mr Bean Pie, Jeremy, and now live in California, dengan kedua anak-anak depa yang comel masyaAllah. Esah was there when I was serching for myself, like post SPM baru nak up baru nak dewasa. I’ve made a simple short documentary, for my final year project, showcasing reflection on my short trip to the states, and the video, basically gives the voice of my inner wants, sebab Esah memang relationship goals! MasyaAllah, really, and , I showed it to Adib. It made something to him and yeah. Thank you again for making the time and effort to come all the way to Malaysia from US for my wedding, (and other weddings, and Alhamdulillah, jadik asbab to see you and your kids), you were there when I was at my lowest, and we both cuba be the best and make the best out of our diploma years, and I am blessed to have you there during one of my happiest day masyaAllah. Terima kasih Esahhhh

Diyana – Same like Esah, Diyana and I went to the same uni, same batch, cumanya, kitorang course lain-lain. Tapi sebab kami sepesen, suka buat benda sama-sama, and sama-sama gila, sama-sama susah senang, sama-sama pulon. Terima kasih sudi hadap Ezzah walaupun I am hard at time. Terima kasih sudi dengaq semua ceritera Obi yang Ezzah kisahkan, and I ask Allah to mudahkan your journey to be with your kekasih as well. Ameen. You’re surely one of a kind, and terima kasih instill the feel to travel in me. I remember, we were talking one of the gazebo kat Puncak Perdana tu, and you told me how you really wanna travel, and I took upon that aspiration and go for it. Terima kasih kongsikan dengan Adib a rahsia that I myself dont really know how to put it into words. Terima kasih sudi jadik geng yang tak penah segan nak bergilaan bersama-sama. Know that I really am rooting forward for your future endevours and moga Allah kekalkan indah yang lebih-lebih lagi dalam hidup kita. Ameen.

‘Izzah – Izzah dengan Ezzah. Kita punya nama sama, ejaan ja berbeza. You are like a senpai that I am proud to have. Sama-sama kat Cardiff, and you roll like a pro masyaAllah. I remember the time when we first met, masa tu kat Nottingham Malaysian Games kot, and we clicked right away sebab kita dua sama-sama bising and kuat sembang. Thank you for making my Iceland trip a dream come true, and sudi direkod for my vlog purposes. Masa I first came to KL, nak kerja kat Astro, you welcomed me and bawak pi Ikea. Allah, indah sangat masyaAllah. I remember telling you about Obi, and you’re super excited. Sebab, you were there masa I first saw him. We both were at NMF and you were at the same place as us masa the first glance took place. Makanya, you’re special liddat! I know I can be very clumsy a lot of the time, but you bersabaq and hadapkan sahaja. You always speak the truth and pesan benda yang baik-baik. I ask Allah to hantarkan the best of person for you Zaza, as I know how you are the best person, and you deserve someone that will treat you well as well. (Kalau ada yang berkenan kat Zaza, habaq, can kenalkan. muehehehe). Thank you for being with me during my special day. Thank you banyak bagi tips sebab you just organized your kakak’s wedding.

Maisarah – Mai yang awesome and unique masyaAllah. You knew me when I was really weird, lol, sekarang masih weird, cuma, now more maturely weird. Terima kasih layankan seorang Ezzah Mahmud sejak 2006, walau after PMR, I left SGGS and went to MRSM you make the effort to keep in touch and hang out. MasyaAllah, it means so much to me. You’ve always been a great person and funny and adorable and beyond loving towards me. I remember one time, I overslept and you went to the movies alone. You cool and chill ja with it. Alhamdulillah, Im blessed that we both walaupun tak contact selalu, but we always catch up and follow up and updates. I am super happy to have you during my special day, and tolong siapkan dewan ramai-ramai dengan Esah, Cheng, Fatin, Ninah, Sangmi, Luqman, semua. I ask Allah to grant you best of the best life cause you’re a great person masyaAllah. And thank you for always making me feel great all the time.

Bella – Naaaabbb. Hmm, where to start. When I went to MRSM, I feel like I was outta place. Like, apa aku buat kat sini, bukannya pandai sangatpun, result pun biasa-biasa ja. Like, I feel my artistic side ni makin membuak-buak, and MRSM just made me feel worst about myself. But, life in MRSM was bearable and better with you. You are among the first that sebutkan and inceptioned the fact that, hey, Ezzah, you’re an artist and you should do whatever you want, not so much of what people want you to do. Which then lead me to make my most proud decision of my life, (Now second, sebab, choosing Adib is now most proud decision thus far), to pursue creative endeavours, diploma artistic writing, and I never turned back. Alhamdulillah. And you’re the person that Allah destined to be the one to introduce Adib to me. Malam tu, kat NMF, when I walked to you sebab nak dengaq Bunkface perform (sebab band lain tak kenai sangat, dok duduk tepi ja, and TVS ja lah yang tau pun), and during that blissful and magical/special moment, I saw Adib, just walking pass me, and something weird happened to me, my heart, my brain, my all, and at that split seconds, I was overwhelmed, and more overwhelmed when he proceed to tegur you. Terus, Allahu Akhbar, korang kawan!?!?! and the rest of the story, I’ll detailed it in a different post. As for now, yes, you are super special in these #Forcebond of me and Adib. Thank you. I ask Allah to grant you the blissfulness and amazingness that life can offer. You’re awesome Nab, I am blessed to have you in my life.

Fatin Aqilah – Weyh, dalam dunia ni, aku ber-aku-hang dengan 3-4 orang ja, and hang salah seorang. Hang, Cheng, and Mai adalah antara yang paling lama kenai aku dalam list ni. I was 13, 11 years ago, and you’ve seen me way before, waktu zaman potong rambut boycut, sama-sama geng olahraga, and layankan seorang Ezzah yang pelik dari SGGS, lepas tu sama-sama ke MRSM BP, masih hang tak pernah hilang. MasyaAllah. You’ve seen when at all the phase that I have been to, dari budak-budak, tingkatan 1 sampai la tingkatan 5, when I had my first crush, sampailah my husband now. I remember telling you first about writing the letter to Adib, and asked you to make doa for me. Hang sorang ja yang aku kenai sama-sama tengok Greys Anatomy daripada epi 1 season 1, and you are my person Fatin. You truly are. After all this while, and you still stays, Allahu Akhbar. Aku hargai sangat-sangat. So many great memories that we have had, and kalau aku nak listkan, mau sampai esok, so yeap, I am blessed and proud to have you as my best friend. Terima kasih tau Fatin.

Cheng – Sama macam Fatin, Cheng and I have been friends since we were form 1. Sat next to each other during form 1 and then continue being in the same class till form 3, then I went to MRSM. You were there, in my life, as well, sama macam fatin, going through the my early teen years yang macam-macam kerenah. Sudi teman tengok wayang. Sudi lepak Gurney and be present. Lawak jugak bila dikenangkan. I remember bugging you with homework and all. Allah. Rindu sat. You know me well, you were there during my weirdest years, and you stayed. I am really grateful and blessed to have you. Thank you for taking the time, ambil cuti khamis tu, to make sure my wedding day esoknya tu berjalan dengan lancar. May the Force be with you dear. You’re a special person, and you will always be special to me. Terima kasih sudi be with me through it all. And looking forward to your special day nanti jugak. You’re the most genuinely ayu person I know, and you’re awesome like that. You’re a blessing from Above to me.

Anisah – Anisahhh, my sister from another mother. Anisah, senpaiku, my person, and my go to person for mostly everything. We spend a good 2 years together kat 60 Beauchamp Street kat Cardiff tu. We have no one but ourselves and housemates lain, Syairah, Ninah, Sarah, Pija, Nini. And we keep it akrab, we rely on each other, through susah senang di perantauan. And even after we’re back in Malaysia, you’ve always got my back. No matter what. Ada ja text, video links, and masyaAllah, you’re among the first to know about Adib. Sebab, after I met him that night, I feel like I have to tell you right away. Like, this dude wins me over, like whoaaaaa, kegilaan apakah ini! And then you somehow kenai his cousin and one thing lead to another. I super happy to get you to meet Adib. You’re the first among my friends that jumpak Adib IRL masyaAllah. You were there first hand when I was at my lowest, you keep me grounded and remind me that I deserved better, and Alhamdulillah, sebenarnya Allah nak prepare me for something bigger and beyond my comprehension indahnya. Thank you Anisah. You’re one special person and I ask Allah to grant you best of the best. You’re the definition of boldness and finest. You do you, and you always do. Anisah is a very special person to me.

Alise – Ninahhhhhhhh. My other sister from another mother! Allahu Akhbar. You made me feel belong whenever Im with you. I remember, when I arrived in Cardiff, dengan tak reti tak kenai apa-apa, you waited at the bus stop, then we walk to our home for 2 years. You’re the only one yang sama-sama uni, sama-sama faculty and sama-sama serumah. After that, the whole two years were nothing but great and awesome and masyaAllah, tak tau nak explain macam mana, sebab tooo much, tooo much, terlalu banyak memori indah and kenang ingat. You taught me how to render out my first vlog, then we marathon Attack on Titans, you first told me about Studio Ghibli stuffs sebab you’re an animation stuffs, all the Treforest trips, all the Germany trips, and masyaAllah, the list goes on. It is indeed a blissful and memorable to be able to spend the night before the wedding with you, my person, my kak andam, my safe space, my go to person. Allahu Akhbar, really, I am nothing but grateful and beyond happy. You’re my sayang, you made me feel like I can do, you’ve reminded me again and again to love myself and to not be hard on myself. I ask Allah to grant you best of the best here and in Jannah. Ameen.

Marni – Marni is my oldest friend, well, simply because we grew up together, she’s a year younger, my cousin yang lebih kurang sama umur. When mak is in labour, pak su mak su tengah nak bernikah. Marni saw all the phase that I have been through, from kecik sampaila besaq and vice versa. All kind of weird, and then the peak was during our Japan trip early this year, when I told her I wanna do a special video for a special person, she’s down for it, and it’s a special trip for her as well cause it’s her first trip abroad. and then we came back, you’re down to bring Nat around, and down to meet Adib as well. haha, baru terasa macam, heyy, i wanna met this dude yang Ezzah minat sangat tuu. Thank you again for sangatlah amat sungguh excited for my special day, siap buat the signage and props for photobooth. Thank you Marni! You’re the best!

Okay, that’s long, if you reach down here, you’re the best! Thank you for reading and I appreciate it

#AdibEzzah #Forcebond

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