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The Weight of Silence - A Short Documentary

Salam and Hi all. I am grateful and honoured to announce, my latest film, The Weight of Silence. A short documentary, made as part of the MA Film Directing (ECA) at The University of Edinburgh.

A personal short documentary film about two sisters investigating and exploring the silence that haunts their family. Ezzah and Faridah experienced collective childhood trauma, unable to express themselves freely when they were younger, as it could trigger their mother’s schizophrenia manic episodes. An amalgamation of reflexive storytelling, nostalgic archive memorabilia and heartfelt deeper conversation.

Can they finally break the vicious cycle of silence within their family? Will they be able to mend the decades-long heartache? Are they ready to open up and be truthful with their feelings? I am excited to share it with all of you soon. Look out for the screening! Best Ezzah Mahmud

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