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The Last Week

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Assalamu’alaikum! Hi!

Okay, those closest to me know that I am leaving Astro in a bit.

Yeap, insyaAllah, 24th December 2017 will be my last day here at Astro Radio, working as a Digital Content Producer at LiteFM (Yeap, your Relaxing Favourites channel!)

It has been a great experience, really. Indeed, I’ve learned so much. Well, it’s technically my first office job, am so used to working on my own, doing freelance stuff etc. And am working on going down the freelance route again. And I am focusing on getting my masters’ scholarship and the universities application done, so yeah that’s the focus now.

And of course, the main focus now, is the big day! It’s just around the corner. Exciting and nervous of course, but I have been making doa and wanting to do this. Doakan please.

Take care ❤


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