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Okay, you found me.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Assalamu’alaikum! Hi!

If you’re here, and you know me personally, that mean you perhaps have noticed that I’ve deactivated my Facebook and deleted my Twitter & Instagram account.

Well, you might ask why? Right?


1) I purposely do not want to be dependent to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, kinda like directing my bad habit of scrolling the timeline and stalking people and sometimes hoping that Jaka likes or comment and acknowledge my post, into something more productive and uplifting, like reading books and watching films, documentaries etc.

2) I want to relive my life, in the era of pre-social-media, before Friendster, My Space etc.

3) I can still be contacted via phone, email, whatapp, Tumblr, here, and my Youtube.

4) I will be back on Facebook, when there are dire needs to be on it. When class starts, or im getting married of stuff like that. Other than that, nope.

5) If you miss me, keep me in your doa, or send me postcard, I’ll definitely reply them! =D

❤ Ezzah Mahmud

#Ceritera #Diari

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