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Oh 2017

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Dear 2017, hello, I hope you’re fine.

Yes, we have never met before, but I’ve longed for you for a while now.

Even though you’re just a cluster of dates that define a particular time in this timeline that I’m in, I am thrilled to be meeting you.

Last year, your friend, 2016, remember her? She was cool and highly eventful. I started last year with a few ambitious and out of this world goals, managed to get a few done, win some, lose some, got my heart broken and healed, got my mind at stressed out and healed, got my bachelor’s degree and didn’t go to graduation cause I chose to be in Tunisia, got the chance to visit San Francisco and the amazing things she has in her, and yes, it was all great.

This year, I hope to be great, if not better than last year. Am gonna start a proper adult monthly paying job, will go with the flow and follow my heart and trust Allah more. Will let time do its wonder and jodoh will come, insyaAllah. (Sebab selamat ni hang kaluttttt, sabaq has Ezzah, Obi tak pi mana insyaAllah)

Okay. Jaga diri.

Ezzah Mahmud ❤

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