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It Calms Me Down

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

It really does. Am writing this piece in between bball practice, it’s 2321 and I’ll click post in 15 mins, practice a bit more and go home.


Today, it’s just me on the court and no one else (except for a group of guys in the picture, that’s their lepak place, they’re here every night).

It’s Friday night, my mates are kinda busy, (the guys have planned to went to warzone and DOTA away, the girls went out, and I decided not to go, simply because I am not in the mood) and I assumed some might have other plans, (it’s Friday night Ezzah, duh!) so I thought I might as well just come down to play. Practice my shooting and enjoy the cool night breeze. Clear my mind a bit.

I enjoyed the bball games, I really do. It does its magic on me. I am not a good of a bball player, I have to admit that, it’s just that whenever I am on the court, the whole atmosphere pretty much helps me to focus and loosen up a bit.

It all started back in Cardiff. I don’t play basketball before. I’ve played handball all my life, from 9 y/o up till last year, cause when I’m in Cardiff, I joined the Cardiff Handball Club. So yup, one of my mates there in USW, Afiq played for USW Basketball Team. As I am familiar with handball, I thought, yeah, I can do basketball, just the goal post are different, so I joined the club, and lucky enough, I met Ziko Bull (Norwegian Basketball player and USW team leader) and Will Hearn (USW Basketball player), and we did some videos together which was a lot of fun. From there, I’ve fallen more in love with the sport.

As handball is not as big here in Malaysia, and the facilities ain’t that available, I’ve frequented the basketball court. Somehow here in Malaysia, and in Penang in particular, they are everywhere.

I don’t really like gym. I seldom go to gym. I like activities, like sports etc. That’s why I am in my Zen when I’m doing bball. And this place has been THE place that I come at night after the course just to chill for a bit and forget anything else.

When in doubt, come to court. Lol. Yeah. I am actually quite nervous with working life. It’ll be my official job. Entering adulthood is a bit nerve-racking. Yeah, it’s not official yet, but I just wanna let you guys know that I’ll start working at Astro this coming week, probably the 16th of January or 1st of February. It’ll be under Lite.FM 🙂

I did research about the availability of bball court there, and yeap, apparently there are a couple of them near Astro parking lot. Yasss. So I’d know where I`d be if I’m stressed out.

Yeap. Imma bball a bit before I head home.

Take care ❤

Ezzah Mahmud

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