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I Vlog Sometimes

Updated: Jan 23, 2020


As most of you might know, I vlog sometimes. Yeap. It all started back when I was in the UK. It was one of the outlet that I used to express my… well, all the things that I feel really, that I can share and I can express visually and verbally.

As time passes, and topped up by the things that happened along the way, I procrastinate and it gets abandoned. Initially I aspire to do it weekly, and there were a phase I did it daily, but (another excuse) my days are filled with stuff.

But, I am looking forward to get back on it. Maybe not daily, but certainly weekly. And I’m blogging daily as well. So yes, I am using this to let my feelings flow. Need the flow. I’m stuck creatively and I dont like it.

I’ve posted a short vlog on my youtube page just now. Feel free to check it out!

Take care ❤

Ezzah Mahmud

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