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I think I Got a Little Crush on You

Updated: Jan 23, 2020


Dear Crush,

A = things that I say

B = things that my mind and heart really meant

A: Hi there, how are you? B: Hi there, it has been awhile since I last see you, even after I just stalked your Facebook profile a second ago after days waiting for you to update something. I mean like yeah I know you’re busy and all, but yeah, I feel like I want to know what’s up with you every second of the day. What did you had for breakfast? Like who did you talked to today? What did you work on today? What are your plans for today? Have you watch the Star Wars film that came out yesterday? It’s super awesome right. If you haven’t watch it, I will not spoil it to you. I’ll make sure you get the best possible experiencing it first hand in the cinema. Ahhhhh, *hyperventilating*

A) How’s your family doing? B) Yeah, I want to know them, but I’m not sure if they ever gonna know me tho, I hope so. I know we just met, and yeah, I’m gonna let time do its magic this time. I’m gonna be super patience and ask Allah to path the best way ahead. I wanna know, like how’s your parents, are they doing well? How about your siblings? Am sure they are awesome as you are! Are you going back for this new year break? What are they like? I saw your pictures with them, you guys look super happy together. I tied my hand and really tried to not like any of your family pictures even though I have this habit of liking peoples’ picture, like the whole thing in one shot. But I’m not gonna do it this time because I don’t wanna lose that friendship (that is possible to evolve into something better), with the risk that you find it super creepy and just choose not to respond to me anymore.

Dear crush,

How I wish you’d crush at me as well =P

Take care ❤

Ezzah Mahmud

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