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First Week at Astro!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Assalamu’alaikum! Hi!

I have been planning to write this for a couple days now, so yeah, here it goes! Bismillah.

As most of you might know, I am now working in Astro! Yeap. One of the prominent media network in Malaysia. I am one of the Digital Content Producer at Lite.Fm, yeap, that Relaxing Favourite radio station! So basically, I will be in charge of the radio’s website. Posting contents etc. So do check out Lite.Fm website ya!

The first day at work was great! Alhamdulillah! It was on the 2nd Feb. Initially, I should start on the 1st of Feb, but it was the Hari Wilayah, so had a day to myself. Yass! I went to work with my housemate, Imah. She works in the same area but a different building. We took an Uber ride, cost us RM3 each and arrived on time. Way earlier than I have planned, but it’s nice to be early. I’ve put on my favourite Tie Dye shirt so I was super bright inside out Alhamdulillah. Yeah, I go Tie Dye when I’m happy, or I’m doing something I love.

Esther had not arrived yet at that time, so I waited at the lobby. Texted her and she sends Diyanah, the other DCP to come and welcome me in. Went in the office, smile to everyone. Yeap, it feels like in the UK man, when I ‘hi’ed and ‘how-are-you-today?’ed people. I feel good, so why not share the khayr(goodness)! And about no less than 10 people that talked to that day liked the shirt! See! #TieDyeRulez

Then Esther arrived. Not long after that, she walked me around the office. Where to get free milo, where’s the announcers’ place, the cafeteria, surau, and I bump into Jakeman! Johara! Sepah! Vince AF1! The dude from PopShuvit! Abby Fana! Yeap, haha, and Yeap, I got fangirled face that I have to tone down a bit. Prolly next week I’m gonna chill a bit. They said it’s normal to go all ‘Did-you-see-her/him’ at the beginning and I’ll get used to it. I think so as well. But yeah, I’m just embraced and felt what I wanna feel. Hoho.

Okay, then we get back to Esther’s desk. She’d gone through all the things that I would be doing. I was okay, noted, good that, cool, okay, yeap, yeap, sure, will do, while writing everything. I wrote my first article that very day for Lite.Fm, Alhamdulillah. The day passed super quick, I was like, eh, dah 6 pm?! And took the shuttle that Astro provide. I aspire to spend as little money as possible, have to save up for future laa obviously!

Thank you! For making doas for me, and I am looking forward to going through this path as hardworking and eager as possible. Know that I will not let my dreams go down just like that, this is just the start insyaAllah. A simple detour in these road called life eh. And plus someone has to pay back PTPTN and MARA.

Hope you’re having a great day doing awesome things!

Take care! ❤

Ezzah Mahmud

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