• Ezzah Mahmud

Day 27 Poetry Challenge : The Poem I’d Never Write

Updated: Jan 22

Day 27- Begin with the title “The Poem I’d Never Write.” Then, write that poem.

The poem I’d never write Is the poem telling how much you mean to me truth is, no poem needed to tell you so

The poem I’d never write Is the poem about how we meet and know reality is, we will know not will there ever be ‘us’

The poem I’d never write Is the poem explaining what I feel honestly, it wouldn’t turn out dry only anger will immerse and rise

The poem I’d never write? Heh! What an irony. Too many poems I’ve written With you in my mind Imagining this and that Embracing this and that

Thanks to you, I now know what I REALLY want You, walk away and leave.  Go ahead. I, applause and smile and cry.

Sincerely, I’m fine!

#30DaysPoetryChallenge #Puisi


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