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Are you there?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020


Hi! Hello! Assalammu’alaikum!

It’s exactly 1200 hour, and I will write out my thoughts for 20 mins and click post.

Okey, here we go!

Yes, I know, it has been a while (about a year or so) since I’ve posted something significant here. And trust me, I am indeed in debt with myself and would really wanna start back this habit of spilling and ranting out stuff here. There are a million things I wanted to share with you guys, too many things happened, too many feels, ugh, ups and downs, and cry me a river ooooooo, cry me a riverrr until it’s deeper than the Mariana Trench.

I’m back in Malaysia, yeah I’ve come back for good for now. (Am not planning to stay long in Malaysia tho, now working on applying unis abroad and for fundings, may Allah ease, Ameen-Say Ameen pleaseee, please, please)

It has been almost 3 months since I arrived in Malaysia, and now am residing in Kedah instead of Penang (Penang Di Hatiku!). Struggling and coping, but surviving of course. Am at the phase where I know what I want to do, but financial-wise, it ain’t that easy bruh!

Now, I am currently working on branding myself as a freelancer, as a videographer as well as a creative writer and translator. But deep inside me, I want to be a full time documentarian, travel writer, film writer, short film /producer and director and spoken-word poet. Yeah, my soul is split in millions into these deep-seated things.

As for now, I am undertaking a short course organised by MDEC, called eRezeki, also known as EGHI (eRezeki Global High Income) where they nurture and teach us how to actually generate extra income online. As an offline freelancer, I have benefited tremendously from this and enjoyed myself thus far.

Before coming back to Malaysia, I was in Tunisia for two months (as most of you dear friends already know from my daily photo spam on Facebook and Instagram), I have compiled a feature-length documentary and will share with you guys soon.

The time is up, that’s all for now. Yeah, I know, I miss you too!

I have so many things in the pipeline and will keep you guys posted.

Take care. ❤

Ezzah Mahmud

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