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Updated: Jan 23, 2020


I should be writing and finishing up all my assignments that mostly due next week as this semester will end in a couple weeks. But… Writing sometimes requires inspiration and motivation. No doubt it will come easy as you write and practice every single day. Maybe I’m just burn out. So, I would love to share something with all of you.

This happened last Thursday. I was in Health and Safety at Work class and we discussed about how to ensure safety and what not. Well, I arrived a little bit late to class that day and end up sitting quite at the back of the class. I seldom sit at the back of the class because I am not that tall and I don’t like when I fail to do the eye contact with the lecturer.

As I was listening to my lecturer talking at front, I can help but to scan around the class. This is a faculty subject so all of my batch mates from all four courses (Screen Art, Creative Writing, Theater and Art Management) were in there. Imagine, with student more than a hundred and you are at the back, trying to focus while other were chit-chatting. Nightmare!

At one moment, I realize that I was seating next to the emergency exit door. I stared at the ‘exit’ green colored sign situated above that door. Out of sudden, a thought came across to my mind. Imagine what this ‘exit’ sign would be in our life. Will it be our first pay check? Will it be the thought of suicidal on one’s mind? Will it be the moment when hope is not something that you hold onto anymore?

Being someone that is optimistic and always try to find values in every rise and fall, every up and down and every good or bad, I’ve been thinking how will this ‘exit’ mean to everyone and in their life? For me, the true ‘exit’ sign is when you are in the Heaven or vice versa.

Even if we use the ‘exit’ in our problems by running away from it, it will just lead to another problem. One way and I would say the only way to do it is to face it. Face the problem. This may not be applicable to everyone but depends on his or her problem. How severe it is and how we perceive it.

For instance, the most common problem in a student life is finishing the assignments and hand it in on time. No doubt, I do have this problem to, when I procrastinate and hypothetically reminding myself, “Hey, there will be enough time! No need to worry.” But, come to a point when I end up doing it last minute and the product will not be as good as it could have been. So, Alhamdulillah, lately, I’ve planned ahead and started doing it as soon as the assignment is assigned.

In this short post, what I really want to share with my beloved readers are, do not take the ‘exit’ if there are still ways to do stuff that you want to do. Hey! Life is not that easy and will hit you hard, on the face! Never lose hope, find people to talk to, this holistically and look from different angle, never lose hope even if that is the last thing we would have with us and be creative in solving problems!

P.S. I’ve watched an amazing film called “The Shawshank Redemption” by Frank Darabont a few weeks ago and I recommend all of you to watch it! The values of not giving up and being consistent in pursuing what we want. Let me know what you think about it! Share your thoughts ❤


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