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#148 Frequently Asked Super Tough Question

Frequently Asked Super Tough Question

Q: What is love?

A: You can never be able to answer this question as truthful as possible in the form of words. You just can’t. It’s more than any word in the whole wide world earth could offer. But you can try. You can always try to name it and give it a sense of tangibility so you’ll feel normal, not as insane. Because, when you’re in love, you’d be crazy, like crazy in love, like really really really in love.

Love could be the thing that makes you feel 10kg lighter after shoving a few ketupat and rendang and half a balang of Almond London, when the text greets you. Love could be the warm lights that just filled the room even though it is pouring and thundering outside. Love could be the ‘hey, I saw this cool movie the other day and I thought of you’. Love could also be that oblivious push that you feel so strongly, so strong, that you firmly believed that they ain’t no mountain higher, no place so foreign, no sky’s too high (cause your Doa reached Him, you know so). Love is waking up in the morning and wanting nothing else but to firmly believed that you’re okay, and well and responding. Love is seeing all the cool stuff, and want you to have it. Love is sharing all the things that you want for yourself, cause you know it’ll make you happy and happier if that person gets it as well. Love is all the ‘have you eaten?’, ‘hope all’s good with your work?’, ‘here’s a Star Wars gif that I like, check it out!’, ‘have you watch this cat video, so hilarious’ and the blissful ‘good morning’, ‘good night’, ‘take care’, ‘sleep well’, and ‘I think should let you sleep, it’s late, you need rest.’ Love is something you feel and shared and there’s too little word in the world to give justice to the love definition.

Q: Are you in love?

A: Are you?

#148 #MisiPuisi #ForceBond Originally posted on #060717

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