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#147 So You Like Star Wars?!

Peristiwa 1

Ezzah: Ayyyyy, (eyeing the Stormtrooper sticker on your destop) So you like Star Wars?

Obi: Yeah. So you like Star Wars?

Ezzah: *Start bragging and fangirling out about Star Wars from A to Z all the way, from Tunisian Internship, why I choose the place and where I have visited, to Star Wars film location at Iceland*

Obi: Whoa, that’s awesome.

Ezzah: You’re awesome too! Like I don’t really know people who like love Star Wars tho. Like kat UK dulu ada laa, kat Malaysia ni, you’re the first one. Yeayy, boleh fangirl sama-sama.

Obi: Eh, you dont know a lot of people that love Star Wars. Ada jaa.

Ezzah: *Terasa muka terlebih excited dan harus cepat-cepat berhenti fangirled, sat lagi dia ingat dan kenapa cik kak ni, terseronok pulak dia dok brag, bertenang Ezzah, bertenang* Ah, okay2. Glad that I found someone that love Star Wars too. 🙂

Peristiwa 2

Ezzah: Wheheee. Alhamdulillah. Dapat 2 ticket free pi tengok Star Wars : One Man Show.

Obi: Wahh, dah agak dah, mesti dapat punya, ada kawan yang kerja sana selalu jugak dapat ticket free. This friday is it?

Ezzah : Yeah, This Friday. Dapat 2 tix. Tapi macam tak dak geng ja, tak sure ada anyone yang minat Star Wars jugak. Like boleh ja ajak Anisah, but lagi best kalau ajak yang minat Star Wars jugak, baru nikmat. Nak ajak anda, tapi you’re far.

Obi: Takpa, ajak la Anisah, mana tau dia akan jatuh cinta pada Star Wars lepas tu.

Ezzah: Takpa, nanti ingat nak try ajak Haziq ka, dia minat jugak Star Wars.

*End up going there alone, and rasa bahagia ria alone, wishing you’d be there too. To share the keindahan, takpa, InsyaAllah, The Last Jedi nanti*

Peristiwa 3

Ezzah : I know this is super cheesy overload, but yeah, I love this scene. Saja habaq.

Obi : ❤

#147 #MisiPuisi #ForceBond Originally posted on #07072017

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