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#142 Basketball

One of the things I feel like I couldn’t live without is, this little something called sports.

I remember telling myself, hey, whatever happens in future, always keep yourself active, no matter what. Jangan tinggal. Ehsan kepada diri please.

And, I don’t really like gym, I don’t know, I just don’t. And growing up, I’ve always been in a team sports since I was a kid. Besides for athletic laa, that one yeah, mostly sorang-sorang like 800m, 400m, but most of the time would be 4×400, ahh. Good ol’ masa seorang Ezzah sangat fit. Haha.

And I remember asking Allah, oh Allah, boleh dak hantaq sorang yang boleh handball sekali, atau basketball sekali, atau karate sekali, basically boleh do sports together la, like sports session would be a date session as well. Ya Allah. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

After that first glance, that night, I was like, please ya Allah, please make this dude does one of the above ya Allah, and he does.

Dan aku tak pasti macam mana nak menzahirkan kesyukuran lagi pada Mu ya Allah. Mudahkanlah ya Allah.


#142 #MisiPuisi #ForceBond #120717



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